The end of GuchmuServers hosting

Dear clients, friends and colleagues,

I recently took the difficult decision to stop offering commercial web hosting services to clients, friends and colleagues. I started GuchmuServers in 2002 and the last six years have been tremendously interesting and stimulating for me to host websites and online services for the nice people I know. I learned a lot about web technology, routers and servers, remote administration and linux configuration. I never made stunning profit out of it but it offered me the possibilities to deepen my knowledge of the web activities and hopefully allow friends and colleagues to develop their online activities.

Running a small hosting business can be very demanding as clients’ expectations are usually very high for availability of email and web services. Over the years I built an elaborate system of monitoring and backup to keep a good eye on my servers and make sure I could respond quickly in the event of a failure. So far everything has been running relatively smoothly and I only experienced minimal downtime (some servers have been running straight for +400 days!).

As I move along with my professional activities here in Sweden, I feel I cannot offer professional and quality hosting (and support) on a commercial basis. I travel more and more for my work, and the fact that GuchmuServers is mostly an one-man company makes it rather impossible for me to provide high-quality hosting and support 24/7 all year-round.

I considered many alternatives in order to continue offering hosting services for my current user base: subcontracting support to an outside company, find partners who can take over some of the work, etc. In the end most of these solutions potentially translate to lower quality service for you the users/clients and I don’t feel good about it. I decided that the wisest, most ethical and most professional way of handling the situation was to stop offering my hosting services. I prefer to close down the shop rather than to fool anyone into semi-quality offerings and not living up to my clients’ expectation.

So as of December 1st 2008 I decided to not take new clients and won’t be renewing the upcoming hosting services/plans with all my clients and colleagues. It means that if your annual hosting plan was due for renewal in March 2009, I will not offer you hosting services after this date. You will have to find a new host and migrate your web site(s), email services and domain name(s). Naturally, I will do my best to assist you with this process as I realize it can represent major challenges depending on your situation.

I would like to thank you sincerely for you continuous support over the years. It has been a very good experience being your web host and helping you build your websites and online presence. I am stopping my commercial hosting offerings but I am definitely interested in continuing providing you web expertise and programming services for you current and future web projects.

I will contact you individually to confirm your end of service date and arrange the migration of your account(s) to another host.

Camille Moussette

Issue with [RESOLVED]

We are working on the issue at the moment

Saturday 8h51: the issue is now resolved at the datacenter. A sysadmin apparently misconfigured nearby servers and cause severe connnectivity conflicts with our own server.

Email delay issue with Yahoo servers

[update 2008-04-04] This situation is now resolved. Messages are accepted properly now on Yahoo’s servers

Our server is experiencing email delivery issues with Yahoo mail servers. Some messages sent to yahoo email addresses are initially refused and put back in the delivery queue. The messages usually get delivered properly but with a noticeable delay (1-24 hour)s.

I am already in contact with Yahoo’s technical support in order to resolve the issue.

Thanks for your continuing support and business.


Apache 2 + SuPHP

Helium, our newest server, was recently upgraded to Apache 2 and a myriad of new software components. For example, new accounts are offered with PHP 4 and PHP 5 using SuPHP. Clients can now choose which PHP version they prefer to use, for specific directories and/or for their whole account.

We plan to move all of our servers and accounts to Apache 2 during 2008. I’ll keep you updated as the migration plan is established.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at info at

Thanks for your continuing support and best wishes for the holidays.


cPanel 11.0 update

We just upgraded our servers to the latest version of the control panel management software, cPanel 11. You will notice small visual improvements across the control panel pages, but everything should work just like before. The new version mainly brings enhanced security and extensibility to the underlying code.

For more information, visit the cPanel 11 pages.

Thanks for your continuing support


Server migration completed

The migration of the server went very smoothly this morning. Downtime was limited to less than 30 minutes. All files were transferred sucessfully to the new machine. I have checked your account on the new server and everything looks in order from what I can see. Please do let me know if you notice problems or irregularities in your account (website, email, webmail, etc). The old server is not active anymore but still acessible if needed.

Thanks for your continuing support


Server migration April 3rd at 8h30

The server will be upgraded next week. We are moving this server to a more powerful machine after two years of excellent service. The migration requires to physically swap machines in the datacenter, and will result in limited downtime. The migration will take place Tuesday morning April 3rd at 8h30 (UTC/GMT -5 hours, EST – Eastern Standard Time). The expected downtime is 20-30 minutes.

Your website, emails and other related services will be copied over automatically. No action is required from you. I will contact you via email once the migration is complete.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me as soon as possible.

Email system update

We updated our servers to the new Maildir system. The modification will improve mail delivery performances and offer new capabilities for large mailboxes. The migration went well and all accounts and mailboxes should be working flawlessly.

Depending on your settings and usage, you might have to re-subscribe to your online folders in the webmail interface (SquirrelMail in particular) to view your custom folders. If you had archived messages, your email application might ask to re-sync or redownload all messages residing on the server.

Thanks for your comprehension. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

New dedicated server

We are happy to announce that we now have a full second dedicated servers for our web services. We migrate our VPS (virtual private server) to a full dedicated machine hosted at iWeb second’s datacenter in Montreal. This machine provides better redundancy and whole new capacities for current and future clients. This new server is configured with PHP 5 to fully support the new wave of web 2.0 scripts and applications.

PHP 4.4.4

We upgraded the PHP module from version 4.4.2 to 4.4.4 on our main web server. You can check the release notes

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